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Campus Chaplains Hold the Center When Things Fall Apart

How in ordinary and extraordinary moments, college chaplains serve as ethical guides and exegetes of lived experience...

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Freedom through Surrender: Overcoming the Ego and Finding Peace

How the core pillars of Islamic practice allow a more conscious self to be expressed over and against the wanton dictates of the ego-self...


The Urgency of Now

The many entry points

into building inclusion across identity divides...

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The Qur’an on Mary
How the Qur'an and a rejected gospel depict the nativity... 

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Women in the Qur’an: 
In appreciation of female wisdom and spiritual agency...


From the Madrassa to the Seminary
 How training programs for aspiring  Muslim professionals are changing the US theological education landscape...

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Women and Gender in the Qur'an


Article translated into Arabic by  Zeinab Salah for Awj Magazine

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Making Space for Muslims 
in the University—and America

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