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Parenting as a Spiritual Journey:

Jewish & Muslim Perspectives


Fall 2018, Wayland, Massachusetts 



Dr. Celene Ibrahim, Tufts University

Rabbi Or Rose, Hebrew College


Course Description:

This interactive seminar provides participants the opportunity to reflect together on the joys and challenges of parenting from Muslim and Jewish perspectives. Our journey will be grounded in the study of classical and modern religious sources, as well as other relevant materials from the fields of psychology, sociology, and popular culture. In our discussions, we will explore specific dimensions of parenting, including issues related to Jewish and Muslim experiences as minority groups in the United States. 


Hosted by Tufts University Muslim Chaplaincy


Saturday, October 6, 1-4pm, Tufts Interfaith Center


"The Female Voice in the Qur'an" 


From mothers-to-be and their angelic interlocutors to the gossiping accomplices of a politician’s guilty wife, this workshop examines the female voice throughout the Qur'an. We explore the values and virtues that Qur'anic female speech imparts and investigate how women's interactions with the divine and angelic realm compare and contrast to men's. Through such explorations, we identify how females assert political, religious, and other types of epistemic authority, and in doing so, we derive lessons for our contemporary contexts. 



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